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Process of registration as a Merchant/Seller on SCS Bank Marketplace:

Click on the "Login/Register below, on the new loaded page, if you have already got SCS Bank customer account sign in, if you do not have an customer's account please create one. When you are now signed in, and you wish to register as a Merchant/Seller on SCS Bank Marketplace, go to the navigation bar, click on "Merchants/Seller", on the new page click on "Start Selling" and then follow the registration instruction or Click on Login if you are already a registered Merchant/Seller on SCS Bank Marketplace.


All your sales are paid in SCS Bank online secure account and then SCS Bank will transfer your money to the online payment account you provided during the registration process after delivery is confirmed either by the buyer or by delivery company. If no delivery confirmation is received then the money will be refunded to the buyer by SCS Bank.

We collect 3% commission on every completed order which goes to support our mission, humanitarian and community projects, better Environment, Human and Animal Health, Financial Health and Spiritual Health for a successful and better life for all around the globe.

We reward you with vouchers or with 5% commission for referring products on SCS Bank Marketplace to friends, workmates, relatives or on social media, when the purchase is completed.

SCS Bank is a Goods Charity Bank & Marketplace, for all Charities, Non profit, NGOs, Civil societies, Churches and Individuals to Sale online, buy discounted products, Raise money, meet donors, investors and many more