About us



Our bank mission is to support your mission, humanitarian and community projects, better Environment, Human and Animal Health, Financial Health and Spiritual Health for a successful and better life for all around the globe.

SCS Bank is also a full fledged marketplace for goods, properties and many more for charity bank and donating platform that brings together Sellers, Investors, Donors, Funders and Fundraisers. We give out Funds, Goods and properties to charities

We have combined selling your unwanted items, charitable goods and properties, charity giving, charitable goods and properties banking and full fledged marketplace. SCS Bank is the first full fledged charity marketplace, charitable goods and property baking and donating banking, which is also supporting clean environment by recycling to reduce waste going to landfill. SCS Bank was set-up to house funds, general donated and New goods, clothes, shoes, equipment, properties, machinery, appliances, foodstuff and my more, to support charities, non profit, community, humanitarian, environmental and health projects and programs in the UK and around the world.

Invest in SCS Bank and also donate or sell your unwanted goods, property and foodstuff. By investing or donating or selling on SCS Bank platform, someone somewhere in the world might be in need of funds for their project and also might be in need of goods, property and these, funds or donated goods or property might save someone’s life.

Bible4health Missions trading as SCS Bank (Super Charity Store Bank) Registered England & Wales; No: 08528700